Are Car Keys Expensive? Which one should i choose?

When you’re on a budget, it’s very important to eliminate any unnecessary or excessive costs. When it comes to safety and security, though, you should never compromise. Many people are unaware that striving to save a little money can lead to spending significantly more later on. To avoid future problems, it is required to replace the correct keys. It will be worthwhile on the long run!.

A Car Key

Other techniques for car key replacement may be less expensive initially, but the long-term consequences mean that the car owner may suffer a significant loss in the future. Many of the other options are equal to breaking into your own vehicle. Because the new car key is supplied, cut, and programmed in front of you, a professional car key replacement operation is always precise.

There is many different car keys and you cannot choose what you like but the best fit for your car. The prices will varies according to the type of car, model, year and also if you are getting an OEM key (more expressive, but more reliable) or an aftermarket key (cheaper and lower quality). I will explain below the main 7 different car keys types:

Mechanical KeysMechanical Car Key

Those are car keys without any chip, any battery or and any electronics in it. This key can be made with our without a plastic head on it. Those keys don’t require any programming whatsoever to start the car and you will usually find them in older cars. Those are the cheapest $10 to $40 (Home Depot could copy most of them)

Transponder KeysTransponder Car Key

Those are like the Mechanical Keys but with a chip in the head of the key and that’s why those keys will always have a plastic head. Transponder keys must be programmed to the computer of the car in order to be able to start the vehicle. You will need a professional locksmith to do that. Some of those keys will be laser cut or double sided cut. Those will cost between $100 to $200

RemotesCar Remote

The car remotes come separate than a key, It’s basically the Remote only (mostly in older models), The remote must be programmed to the car in order to work and will provide you features according to your car’s capabilities, if it’s Trunk Unlock, Side Door Open, Lock/Unlock, Alarm or Start Engine. Those remote will always need a battery in order to work. Remotes will cost anywhere between $100 to  $200 depending on the car make and model.

Head Car Key Remote (Combo)Head Car Key

Those are a combination of the key and the remote in one, so the buttons of the remote will basically be at the head of the key. Those Head Keys must be programmed by a professional locksmith and they have a chip, a battery and electronics inside. Head Keys should cost between $120 to $250.

Flip Key

This key is a combo Flip Keyas well of the blade and the remote together, just like the Head Key. However, this key will have to blade folded to the side of the remote for a more elegant and compact style. Those Flip keys are very easy to carry in your pocket because they’re compact. When you need to use the blade to start the car, you will just press the button on the remote and the blade will just “flip” out. Like the Head Key, it needs a battery, a chip, has electronics and must be programmed by a locksmith to work. Price range: $150-$300

Smart Proximity Key Fob

This key will allow you to start the car and open it without touching the key at all! When you get close to the car from the outside the car will allow you toProximity Car Key open the door so you could get in because it senses the proximity of the key (that’s called a Keyless Entry). This key will work with a “Push To Start” button in the car. Meaning when you are in the car, it will sense the key’s presence and then will allow you to start the car by pushing a push button (no need to insert a key blade in the ignition). Needs Chip, battery, electronics and must be programmed by a locksmith professional.  Price Range: $200-$800

Fobik KeyFobik Car Key

It’s basically a remote with a square shape at the tip where you plug into the dash of the car and turn like a key would in the ignition. They have the same components as a remote head key, battery, electronic, chip and must be programmed by a professional locksmith in order to work. Price Rang: $200-$400


It’s important to be aware of the following

If you have the original key and just need a copy, it will always be cheaper than buying a new key without having the original. Why is that? When you have the original key the locksmith will copy the shape of the key and in some cars copy the chip as well. But without the original key, the locksmith will have to do more work to get the key code (the shape of the key) so he could cut it properly and then do the programming if required.

All key without a visual blade like the Fobik or the Proximity Key have a key blade hidden inside the remote. This is so that car’s owners can still                  unlock the door in cases when the car’s battery or the key fob’s battery runs out of juice, or the fob malfunctions.


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