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Is your lock in a good condition?

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Lock Rekey

How to make a new key for a lock? How to do a rekey when you no longer have the original key to make a copy? Is it possible to take a lock and make a new key for it? Local Locksmiths gives you all the information to understand how to make a key from a lock and all the advice to best manage the costs of locksmith work depending on the situation.

Keys are handy for securing the various doors. Still it is necessary not to lose them. Like many of us, you have probably already lost your keys. We usually have a double but when this is not the case things get complicated.

So what are the solutions when you have lost your keys and you don’t have a duplicate? We will present in this article different ways to solve this problem and we will explain if it is possible to make a key for a lock without having the original.

When you talk about a lock rekey, you’re basically talking about changing the inner parts of your lock to make it work with a different new key.

I know this can be confusing for some so let me explain. The locksmith will take your lock off the door, take it to his van and take the lock apart. Then the locksmith will replace the existing pins of the the cylinder (of the Plug to be exact) with new pins while creating a new key combination. The locksmith will make this combination match a new key he will be providing you and then reinstall your lock back on the door and….voila ! Your lock will work ONY with the new provided keys and the old key won’t work anymore and the best part is, you will be able to keep your lock.

When is it preferable to do a rekey than installing a new lock ?


1. When you want to save some money! A rekey is cheaper than a new lock.

2. When you have a special lock which has a special design which is hard to get or discontinued.

3. When your lock match the other locks at the property and you want to keep it that way.

4. When you have a smart lock


*Remember, it’s important to rekey your locks when you’re buying or renting a new property because the previous tenants still have the key !


Can you make a key from a lock?

If you do not have a the original key or a copy and you want to make a new key for your lock, know that it is very possible to remake a key for that lock.

But beware, this is quite expensive and depending on the case, other solutions could be better suited.


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Lock Rekey

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