There are many things you should check before hiring a Locksmith

You never know when you might need the services of a locksmith near you because, after all, it is not every day that you are locked outside your home or even outside your car or office. These things happen when you least expect them and even when you are in a hurry or in an emergency situation.

I had once a customer which planned a family vacation. In the morning of his flight he tried to open his safe to take the family’s passports (his, his wife’s and their 3 kids). Unfortunately, his safe got jammed and didn’t open. My customer got very stressed out because he promised this vacation to his family which they planned for a while and didn’t want to miss their flight which cost them a lot of money.

This customer called Local Locksmiths for immediate help! We were at his residence within 15 minutes and got his safe open. He sent me a thank you message when they were on the plane about to take off.

This is a good example how you never know when you will need an emergency assistance, it can happen at anytime, anywhere ! When you’re in this situation, the last thing you want to do is panic because it will block your judgment and it will cause you to make bad decisions or even  worse, you won’t be able to make any decisions at all.

During these times, you really need the assistance of a locksmith, preferably a local locksmith if you want to save time and money. However, this could be your first time being locked out or need to change your lock ASAP and you don’t know any local locksmiths around you. Don’t worry, just go to your phone and search “Locksmith Near Me”  (make sure your phone’s location is turned on).

When you call one of the companies you see on the search results make sure to ask them their company’s name, the price,  where the locksmith is located at that given moment and an exact ETA.

Many locksmiths companies “sell” the lead to another companies and if that’s the case they won’t be able to give you an answer and you will feel they’re making one up on the phone while talking to you. If that’s the case, hang up the phone and call another company.

Lock Installation

Don’t forget, first and foremost, you must identify the services that you require and the items that suits you, if it’s the cost, time of arrival, etc… Local locksmiths are not only available to assist you when you are locked out of your home or car. There are many more services that we can provide that you may want or need to take advantage of.

You can have them install a new high-security lock in your house for the protection and safety of the people who live inside; you can also request that they change the locks in your home, install a peephole in your front door, a security camera, a Ring Doorbell or a service to your Rental property.

The next thing you should consider is the locksmith’s level of experience. Don’t just hire any locksmith, he might just add fuel to the fire. I had a customer which was locked out of her condo and she called a random locksmith without checking if he was licensed. The locksmith totally broke her lock, made an unnecessary hole in her door (because he couldn’t open it at first) and left the premises without repairing the damage he has done. When i arrived to the scene, this is what i found (in the picture). Please make sure to check if your locksmith is licensed before making an appointment !

Residential locksmith

Highly-trained locksmiths can significantly improve your problems; as a result, you should not hesitate to inquire about a locksmith’s knowledge level. Last but not least, you should not assume that because a locksmith is listed in your phonebook or in Google, it is also located locally.

If you have any question or in need of an advise, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.